This Holographic Map of Seattle is the neatest thing you will see all day

by Mark R

Believe the headline.

This is the work of Zebra Imaging, who is apparently in the business of making these three-dimensional holographic maps that require absolutely no goofy glasses.

I have a video after the jump so you can see it in action, and you will see the full color map under focus. There are videos of a 3D map at my Source which shows a factory building being peeled away, like you are seeing a 3D blueprint of it.

This sort of technology feels straight out of Star Wars. I would imagine that this is how engineers showed the Emperor and Darth Vader the plans for the Death Star. I can just see Emperor Palpatine looking over the plans saying: “Good, good. This is my destiny. This is the power of the dark side!”

Man, I hope these guys at Zebra Imaging will have some sort of display at CES 2011, and that I can get my camera in for a close-up. And I thought augmented reality was the coolest thing that I would ever see at CES.

I’m sure that you are wondering the price of such a 3D map, and your suspicions are correct if you are thinking that it isn’t cheap. It costs about one to three thousand per map.


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