George Lucas is buying up film rights to dead actors

This is the latest to come down the Hollywood tech pipeline: George Lucas is buying “the film rights to dead actors”.

Considering his films set new standards for special effects, I’m certain it wouldn’t be too hard to revive these actors long after they pass away. All he needs is their posthumous permission.

There have already been some other films where dead actors have been revived with the help of computer graphics. In Superman Returns, Marlon Brando’s head is revived for some lines, and Sir Laurence Olivier has a few lines in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. In the last two examples, each actor was nothing more than a floating holographic head.

One of the best examples of reviving an actor to the prime of life is this new Tron Legacy film which has a young version of Jeff Bridges. I wonder if it would be possible to do an Indiana Jones film where Harrison Ford is thirty years younger?

Maybe that’s why George is doing this, to make up for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. As it is, I don’t think that George Lucas has many good years left, so he might not outlive these actors that he is buying the rights to.

I haven’t heard anything about what actors are selling their celluloid selves, but I hope that there will be some sort of list available online soon.


2 thoughts on “George Lucas is buying up film rights to dead actors”

  1. ‘make up for The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.’ I assume that means you disliked the movie and thought it was below par for George Lucas and the Indiana Jones movies. In my opinion, that movie is just as good, if not better, than the other three. I don’t know what you expected, but it’s an Indiana Jones movie – same look, feel, pace, you name it. I suggest you revisit it with an open mind, or ask yourself if you really liked the other Indy movies.

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