Volvo Air Motion Canyon Carver is a Wind/Wind situation

by Mark R

Imagine a world where vehicles run on nothing but air. This is Volvo’s Air Motion Canyon Carver concept, which runs on nothing but compressed air.

When the driver runs out of air, he or she goes to refuel. These air refueling stations are not just giant tanks of compressed air, but they are air that comes from huge wind turbine generators that are mounted on balloons with flying kites on them.

It sounds pretty weird, doesn’t it? This is what the design team has done at Volvo, in an attempt to free the world from our dependence on fossil fuels. As much as I would like to say “good luck with that”, we clearly need to do our cars without oil. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but the oil companies could use a little loss of profits. This is why these refueling stations are powered by kites to make compressed air. There is a video of it after the jump so you can check out what the designers were thinking.

I’m not certain if this Canyon Carver is made to go across canyon roads, but it is made to seat four so a whole group can enjoy the fun. The cars themselves weight about 902 pounds, and they are constructed with frames like motorcycles and boats. I wouldn’t mind driving one of these things myself.


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