Flying Pasties – Avoiding the airport peepshow


The hot topic of the day appears to be the intrusive TSA body scans. It seems everywhere I go, it’s what everybody is talking about. No doubt it seems in contrast to our 4th amendment rights, but is it keeping us safe? Who knows?

Well, I for one, have only been naked in front of my husband and 50 of my closest friends, and I don’t relish the idea of being “scanned” regardless of what wonderful vacation I might be embarking on.

Enter, Flying Pasties! Already available are the 2nd generation of privacy “stickers” for both men and women, scientifically proven to block radiation and keep your naughty bits invisible, some offer cute sayings, like, Objects are larger than they appear and others are a little more aggressive, by offering the person scanning you a middle finger salute.

Flying Pasties are reusable and can be worn applied directly to your skin or with an included hook, outside your underwear.

It’s hard to tell, at present, just how items like this will be received by the TSA, and I suppose it may require you to go from the scanner to a pat down, but I guess I really need to feel like I have some kind of control over my naked body… If I didn’t, I’d just go back to college.

Full sets of reusable pasties are available for around $45.00 from


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