Theres a big difference between what I wish my dishwasher could do, and what it actually does. I guess if I’m trying to be honest, I pretty much wash my dishes BEFORE I put them in the machine, and my grandmother’s china has never even seen the inside of a dishwasher, until now.

The folks over at LG have revolutionized dishwashing with the advent of the Steam Dishwasher. No longer do you need to run separate cycles for crusted pots and pans and delicate glassware. This baby lets you choose different spray settings for the top and bottom racks with their Dual Intensity Mode. This line of LG dishwashers also has a cycle that will quickly and carefully rid your precious china of all the dust it has accumulated because you never wanted to actually use it. All the while using less water and the gentle power of steam.

It has an adjustable 3rd rack built in food disposer and an incredibly quiet operation. The new LG Studio Series Fully Integrated Steam Dishwasher can be in your home for around $999.99 from  www.bestbuy.com Now that my husband doesn’t have to soak the pots and pans anymore, I’m going to have to find something else for him to do. Hmmm.. They don’t  make a self cleaning refrigerator, do they?

Source:  www.lg.com

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