Augmented Reality, now in candy form

by Mark R

We have talked about augmented reality more than once on this site, and usually it is about putting things in front of a webcam to create some interesting 3D graphics that the user can manipulate by moving the object around.

This would be the first time that I have seen augmented reality come in the form of taste and not sight. I’m not certain whether you can call it augmented reality, really, but hey, we might as well use the buzzword.

Keio University’s TagCandy allows the user to put a lollipop candy on some sort of fancy stick, and then connect the stick to a computer. Apparently, the user can control the taste by controlling the vibrations that will come to his or her mouth. Apparently, if you want fizzy soda or crisp apple, that is totally a matter of programming. Check out the video after the jump for more.

Then there are other flavors that aren’t part of the usual flavor wheel including fireworks, with vibrations and “explosions” to simulate a Fourth of July in your mouth, I guess.

I can’t help but feel that this is something that Willy Wonka would make in his giant chocolate factory. I also can’t help but think that this is the future of candy is one particular food unit that we can all control with the power of technology.


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