Cisco introduces the ūmi – Even better than being there


I can’t tell you how many friends there are that I simply haven’t had time to get together with these days. Time is moving too fast, and I just can’t seem to slow it down enough to make plans.

Finally, technology seems to be catching up with the fast paced lifestyles we all seem to be living, as Cisco introduces the ūmi, a new set top box that makes telepresence a reality. Connect the ūmi to your HD television, and leave your car in the garage.

The ūmi allows you to be together as easily as you watch your TV, interesting how we all seem to still have time for that. You can take video calls, manage your contacts, leave and receive video messages and because you can receive video calls from any computer with a webcam, everyone can be in on the fun.

The ūmi makes it possible for any, or every, day to be a get together. Grandma never has to miss another Christmas, and we can eat dinner with Dad, even if he’s away on business.Thats just the beginning, you can also use The ūmi to make home videos, pan the room and zoom in on the folks at the party in your living room, and share it with the friends that couldn’t be there, or upload it to your favorite social networking site.

You need The ūmi, an HDTV, a broadband connection and an ūmi service plan. Make everyday a day you spend with loved ones. Don’t wait for the time, make it.  Available now for $599.00 at


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