Radio Flyer Classic Bumper Car

Bumper cars belong to the realm of carnivals and fun fairs, eh? Well, apparently not any more these days, especially when you have the $59.99 Radio Flyer Classic Bumper Car. This classic piece of work can now be enjoyed every single day, guaranteed to drive you nuts if you’re sick and tired of fun fair ditties. After all, it will come with seven sounds which are activated with bumping action. This wall-friendly bumper is safe to play at home, since it won’t mark your walls or furniture thanks to foam bumpers. Purchasing multiple cars are perfect for kids aged 1 to 3 to bump into each other, saving you a whole lot of money compared to bringing them to the fun fair frequently and forking out dollar after dollar for them to have some fun. Something tells me that the age range for this toy won’t make it too appealing for adults who are looking for value-for-money purchases in the long run….