Midland SubZero Headphones


Some of you out there simply cannot live without your music, which is why having a pair of headphones is of the utmost importance. Well, since it is winter for those living in the northern hemisphere, it makes perfect sense to wear a pair of headphones if you’re going to go all out with portable music, and why not do it in style wit the Midland SubZero Headphones? Available in black, camouflage and white shades for £34.99 a pop, it not only doubles up as a pair of headphones, it also works as stylish earmuffs to keep your two hearing organs nice and warm (at least on the outside). The Midland SubZero Headphones even comes with a clever cable-mounted remote/mic which allows you to take calls wherever you are, keeping your hands free to do whatever else they were tasked to do at that point in time. Suitable for everyone except for folks living in the tropics, and for obvious reasons.

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