Groegg Color Changing Thermometer


While some of us take sleep for granted, others might find it a whole lot more difficult to get some shuteye even after plenty of tossing and turning around on bed. Well, the temperature does play a rather huge role in helping you doze off into dreamland, but that’s easy for adults to adjust – turn on the air conditioner, pull over an extra blanket, but how about your little one who doesn’t know how to communicate yet? The Groegg Color Changing Thermometer will step in here, as this $34.99 device works as it is named – it will reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), making sure it is yellow when a baby’s bedroom is maintained at 61-67°F to prevent SIDS. Should it get too hot, then it will turn red, while going blue when vice versa. Not only that, it functions as an adorable nightlight as well for the uninitiated. Too bad it doesn’t run on batteries but needs to be plugged into a power outlet all the time.

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