Fivepoint gloves – Because regular gloves get in the way of your tech


It’s already that time of year again, the chill in the air, all the leaves off the trees and the temperature dipping past the freezing mark. I love the cold weather and I look forward to the holidays, but geez, I hate how gloves just seem to get in the way of everything. I cant use my smartphone without taking them off. My iPod, forget it, and my camera.. I’ve missed many a shot because I was to darn cold to take my gloves off to set up the picture properly on the touch-screen.

Well I have just the thing for you, and just in time for winter. Fivepoint gloves, with specially-designed conductive fingertips, they let you type and tap on your touch-screens without ever taking them off. Awesome.

Made of lambswool, manufactured in the UK and available in 3 sizes, Fivepoint gloves can be hand washed in cool water or dry cleaned. They are compatible with all touch-screens and allow precise input to your device. Now I can use all my stuff and still keep my hands warm and dry. I’m loving it.

Available in Oxford blue with grey fingertips, with more styles coming soon for under $40.00 bucks.

Available for pre-order now at


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