Cruz Storypad – Animated e-Reader for tots

It’s amazing how quickly kids grow up these days. the one thing that strikes me is just how much our kids want to be like us. It’s not always a good thing, I mean my 7 year old wants to wear makeup and have a cell phone. But there’s a product about to hit the market that might work to a parents advantage.

The Cruz Storypad is a full color, animated, touchscreen interface storybook e-reader for kids. It can also play, music, pictures, videos and games, making it a fully blown personal entertainment device.

Easy to use, with intuitive controls and made with kids in mind, in other words, durable and spill resistant. With a full color display and 1 GB on board storage, it includes an SD card slot for expansion. The Storypad utilizes a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and comes preloaded with 10 animation books and 3 interactive educational games. Comes in green, blue or pink.

I’d like to see my kid with an e-reader in her hands instead of some of the other electronics she has gotten used to. It really would be great to watch her reading, instead of trying to race a hedgehog around the jungle collecting bananas. I’m just saying.

Available soon for $149.99  check for details


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  1. Hi Elspeth, I love a real book myself, and I can’t see an e-reader ever completely taking their place. Nothing like a lovely book collection. But they have their place… and at 149 bucks its cheaper than most video games, I guess we have to choose our poison! Christmas Meanie? NEVER!

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