The Loop Pointer – lets you lose your mouse


I love how technology lets you mess around with all your devices at the same time. I mean, I’m watching stuff from my computer on my TV. I am listening to my iPod and watching my family photos on the big screen. The technology is fun, entertaining and pretty easy, could anything make it better?

Yup, I have just been introduced to The Loop, the freehand mouse that moves your cursor with natural motions made in the air. Simply point and click on the TV that’s connected to your PC or Mac. The Loop pointer’s intuitive design has a scroll wheel and four buttons.

The Loop patented air-mouse has the ability to compensate for normal hand tremor and varying positioning while responding to the motion of the Loop pointer. Its a pretty simple, intuitive design that is really easy to use. The Loop could probably be a pretty valuable tool for presenters and educators who use PCs and Macs connected to projectors. You could control presentations, navigate web pages and more from almost anywhere in the room. The Loop pointer will work with computers running Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

I’m crusin’ the net from across the room, and I see the day coming when I never have to get off the couch. Only $49.00 from


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