These things on the road charge your car as you drive over them

I think we all know that electric cars are probably the way of the future, but they really do need charging all the time. This would make trips longer, with more stops having to be made along the way.

What if there is a way to charge your car as you are driving? This is what Halo IPT (Inductive Power Transfer) is planning.

Think of it as one of those Powermat or Wildcharger things, except that nothing is really touching. As the driver goes along the road, energy is transferred to the vehicle so the tank is always “topped off” electronically speaking.

Halo IPT wants to make a charging station that costs about $2,000 and will turn your car into an electric sucker for the road. The first step of this energy efficient plan is to put these power stations on parking places and even bus stops, wherever more juice is needed.

The next step would be to put these things on the road, which would be done by 2020. I wonder if these things would be difficult to install, as this could create a traffic problems with construction. Of course, I am assuming that you have to power these charging stations on the road, so that means you probably have to run wires to them…yeah, this will definitely be a rough transition.


2 thoughts on “These things on the road charge your car as you drive over them”

  1. Ingenious, I should have thought of that. It would work like a generator or alternator stretched out flat. Very simple.

  2. Just like with the parking spaces, maybe make a “Charging lane”

    This would also be a way for government to get their road tax for electric cars.
    Electricity is so simple and fun to mess with. This solution would be perfect.

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