Hands on with Denkosekka

by Mark R

I have never been a fan of Yu-Gi-oh, Pokemon, or any of those games that have anime associations.

I think that Denkosekka is supposed to be an imitation of those types of games, but it is by no means a cheap imitation. Denkosekka has a gameplay that I have never seen before, even though I have no idea what the backstory is.

Denko-Sekka is a face-off style of game where two players must pick up collectible discs that are of a certain point value. That might sound simple, but the players have to use these Denko Catchers that are not simple for an adult like me to use.

Denko Catchers are like yo-yos, except the string is auto-retractable. Instead of a yo-yo, there is a magnet. The object is to whip out this magnet so it latches onto the aforementioned discs of point value.

As an adult, I found that the yo-yo string was quite small, so I couldn’t play this game on the floor. I did set it up on my bed, and I found it pretty tough to make contact with a disc. I guess it takes more practice than I am willing to give it.

It sounds like fun for the kids ages seven and up. You should be able to get Denkosekka for about $24.95 on the Wild Planet website.

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