Berjuan Presents The Breastfeeding Baby Doll – Enough said

When I was a little girl I loved dolls, I had one of the first “high tech” dolls. Her name was Tubsy. No, she wasn’t chubby, she was battery operated and when you placed her in her little bathtub, her arms would move up and down, splashing in the water, for her time.. she was amazing. Now little girls have dolls that walk, talk, poop and know your name.

Not to miss the realism bandwagon that toymakers all seem to be riding on these days, the folks over at Berjuan, a doll maker based in Spain have decided to add to your doll collection by making Bebe Gloton, the Breastfeeding Doll. Now your little mommy wanna-be can pretend to experience the, um…delight? of breastfeeding. She merely has to put on her mommy-halter adorned with breast buds and allow the feeding to begin.

The doll was designed to promote breastfeeding and I’m not contesting that breastfeeding is probably a good thing, but geez. The message is a good one, but my verdict is still out on its delivery method. I think I’ll wait till they have the Suzy Snotty Doll that screams its head off in the middle of the night and will wake my daughter up every hour… that should teach her something “real” and worthwhile. That and some temporary stretch mark tattoos…

If you have your heart set on a Bebe Gloton you can have one for $112.00 from

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  1. I will never allow my daughters to have a doll like this! I breast fed all my beautiful children, but little girls should not grow up to fast, and this doll is certinly encouraging teenage moms. I pray to the powers that be that canada never puts this doll in our stores.

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