Autobot – Control your car with your Smartfone


The two things I could never live without, my car and my cellphone, and now the two can work together. This pleases me.

This nifty little gadget connects to your vehicle’s on board diagnostic computer port and relays specific diagnostic information to your cell phone. Autobot will let you know what your “check engine” light is trying to tell you, let you start and unlock your car remotely and report to you if your tire pressure is low, or you need an oil change. Autobot will even send GPS location and a 911 message to family members if your airbags deploy and give you walking directions to your car if you can’t find it. Cool.

Autobot probably isn’t going to charge any fees, instead it looks like it will be supported by advertising and coupons, based on what your car’s computer tells Autobot you need, you will most likely receive some special offers from nearby merchants. It is unclear at this time if a premium service sans the advertising will be made available.

The mapping feature available with Autobot lets you know where your husband, I mean, car is and will even alert you if your car passes a preset location. If your precious baby should be stolen, (your car, not husband) you can disable the car remotely. You will even be able to see where your friends are if they have the AutoBot device installed in their own cars.

The system is to begin testing early next year and the hopes are it would be available to the public by 2012 for around $300.00

Source: mavizontech

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