Phase 2.0 Three-wheeled concept vehicle

by Mark R

Nothing like a good concept vehicle to brighten your Tuesday, isn’t there?

This particular one is the Phase 2.0, and it puts the driver inside a huge wheel, which is a design that I have seen before, in both science fiction films and concept vehicles.

What makes this one different is that it has two other wheels that not only balance it out, but they can move to both front and rear wheel situations.

Apparently, this big wheel construction works really well on all terrains with its auto-pressurized tire for multiple environments. So if you are going on rocky regions, the tire pressure will go down. Then for some high speeds where terrain is like an average road, tire pressure will be at the maximum.

Speaking of high speeds, I wonder if this particular vehicle has better steering ability. My Source didn’t really have much to say about that, but the wheel mounts are certainly unique.

All in all, it could easily be in the Mega Race that I saw in the Spy Kids 3D movie. Perhaps it could have a role in the next Tron movie with its electric blue treads.

By the way, how does the driver see? I guess there must be a camera with a viewscreen behind the wheel. Perhaps we will see more when and if the Phase 2.0 becomes reality.


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