Indoor Pressure Smoker

What happens when you merge a pressure cooker with that of a smoker? Well, the result would be the Indoor Pressure Smoker, where this device is more than capable of cooking barbecue brisket in but an hour, making it work five times faster compared to traditional methods. This device is capable of increasing the internal pressure by 15 psi, where it will help cook food up to 70% faster while causing wood chips to release their fragrant, flavor-enhancing smoke. In its internal chamber, it requires all of three to five wood chips (which are not included, so take note) to impart authentic barbecue smoke flavor onto food, with all of the hot smoke being contained inside the vessel until the pressure is released. There is also an adjustable four-level rack which will hold up to 4 lbs. of food, ranging from sausages and ribs to an entire chicken. The pressure smoker will also cold smoke cheese or fish, where it can then sear food prior to pressure smoking. Sounds like a delicious gift for those who have kitchen flair at $199.95 each.