Digital Storm keeps things running nice and cool in your PC

You gotta love a name like Digital Storm – it brings a whole new updated meaning to the traditional word ‘storm’, and has long been the predominant name when it comes to computer system integration and engineering. Well, Digital Storm is extremely proud to bring what they deem to be the Formula 1 of high-performance computing – their very own Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System. This new system intends to deliver an unrivalled PC gaming experience which is capable of handling overclocked Intel i7-980X CPUs of up to 4.6GHz, while ensuring the idle processor remains below 0ºC. Now is that a feat worthy of mention?

As you can tell by its name, the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System will deliver freezing liquid to the CPU, which is more than capable of smothering any heat it encounters. Having been designed and tested over months of research by the industry’s most performance focused engineering team, the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System is not meant for your ordinary computer user, but will instead specifically target enthusiasts and hardcore gamers who have performance and power right at the top of their lists.

Right smack at the core of Sub-Zero would be a series of TEC peltier coolers which function in conjunction with other high-end liquid cooling components. In other times, enthusiasts were relegated to bulky phase change systems in order to achieve radically low temperatures to maximize performance. Well, things have certainly changed with the passage of time, where enthusiasts are able to achieve unmatched overclocking potential with increased reliability since the core of Digital Storm’s Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System has no moving parts.

If you’re interested in picking up Digital Storm’s Hailstorm gaming PC with the Sub-Zero Liquid Chilled System, all the work has already been done for you, albeit at a price, of course. Prices start from $3,899 and can only go upwards from there, depending on what is the type of configuration that you decide upon. Just like you staying cool under an intense situation in a game, so does your computer with Digital Storm’s help.

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