Deflexion silicone armor grows hard on impact

This next device is known as Deflexion, but it has nothing to do with a game played with lasers that we reported on a while back.

No, Dow Corning created this Deflexion, which is a material made from silicon that has been polymerized into a flexible silicone sheets. The idea is to create some kind of armor that can shift around like clothing in a breathable fashion.

However, if something hard impacts it like a bullet, then all the molecules gang up around that area and instant turn rock solid. They would disperse and absorb the impact, like a bullet-proof vest. I suppose that a bullet proof vest is what you could use this for, but there might be other applications like cases for mobile phones, for instance.

Either way, this Deflexion sounds like something from science-fiction or superhero stories. Sort of like the “memory cloth” that Batman uses in the Christopher Nolan movies to make his cape go instantly as stiff as a hang-glider. I believe that the first issue of Ultimate Iron Man contained a scene where a character is coated with some blue goo that can perfectly absorb the hit of a baseball bat.

I can’t help but wonder if a hit on a suit of Deflexion “armor” would cause it to stay stiff, permanently. That could be problematic if you were hit on all sides by machine-gun fire. This is one of the bugs that will have to be worked out if we ever see a working prototype. It looks like it is in the drawing board stage for now.


3 thoughts on “Deflexion silicone armor grows hard on impact”

  1. “I can’t help but wonder if a hit on a suit of Deflexion “armor” would cause it to stay stiff, permanently.”

    Did you happen to notice in the diagram that the third figure was showing that it regains flexibility after the impact?

  2. Funny, I read about this product over 4 decades ago when I was in junior high school. E.E. “Doc” Smith wrote a science fiction book series called the “The Grey Lensman” which had a it’s hero’s wear clothing that became personal armor when struck by an impact or a ray from a laser gun. Funny how something so farfetched at the time is now becoming reality.

  3. Cpt. Obvious have you noticed that he used on that sentence the words “wonder” and “if” ???

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