LOCAMODA – Social Networking Goes Public


I guess it’s no surprise to anyone that I go out a lot. I eat most of my meals somewhere other than home. A new fixture in a lot of restaurants these days are flat panels with local advertising. I try to ignore these screens as much as possible. They are boring, redundant and lose my attention way too quickly than the money spent on them probably deserves.

But somebody got my attention, LocaModa, a location based, interactive social media platform that allows cellphone users to broadcast to, and interact with video screens set up wherever folks gather. Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame, and being able to post your thoughts and pictures to a big screen being viewed by the masses seems to be a major draw.

LocaModa allows the provider of its services to offer their customers any combination of applications that suit their needs. Available from LocaModa’s app store, a business owner can select from interactive games, text to screen applications offering real time display, a corkboard that allows patrons to post local for sale or trade ads, the posting of photos to screen and a variety of polls and social networking displays.

The platform is engaging to say the least and you’ll likely be seeing it soon, somewhere near you. So smile, and make yourself famous.

Source: www.locamoda.com

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