iSi Twist’n Sparkle – Because everything’s better with bubbles.


I love soda. Plain and simple, my love affair with bubbly things began at a very young age and I know I drink more than I should. A while ago I got what I thought was the perfect gift, a water carbonator. Oh how excited I was, until I got bored, and decided, why not carbonate some grape juice? Ah what a lesson that was, and such a lasting memory too.. as no amount of paint seems to cover the purple stains on the ceiling.

If only I had read the instructions that implored me NOT to carbonate anything other than water. So I guess my dream of a carbonated lemonade was never meant to be, until now.

The iSi Twist’n Sparkle adds some effervescence to almost any beverage, safely and without the need of ceiling paint. Easy to use, the Twist’n Sparkle comes with a bottle, a wand, a recipe book and 3 single use CO2 chargers. You need only fill the bottle with pulp free juices, wine, Mojitos, iced coffee or almost any other cold beverage, insert the wand and twist the top to carbonate.

I love the versatility, I love not having to lug cans and bottles from the store.. but most of all I love wine spritzers that are all wine. $49.95

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