SteelSeries MMO Keyset enhances Shift keyboard

SteelSeries is one of the leading luminaries when it comes to gaming peripherals, and they are pretty famous for their range of keyboards and mice, although we wouldn’t dare as to venture and say they’re pretty close Razer in terms of popularity. Well, the company has come up with the SteelSeries MMO Keyset that is capable of turning the Shift keyboard into a feature-rich MMO Keyboard that sports an intuitive, preconfigured layout of keys which have been specially labeled for movement, communication, and emotes.

Basically, the whole idea of the MMO Keyset is to offer gamers a superior and more cost-effective keyboard option, after all, that is a whole lot more affordable compared to purchasing an MMO-only keyboard. Come on now, many of you might be thinking of doing just that especially with the upcoming Cataclysm expansion for World of Warcraft.

With this new MMO Keyset, it shows how the SteelSeries Shift Keyboard can offer gamers an entirely new set-up, specific to the type of game they’re currently playing. After all, each SteelSeries Shift Keyset is identified and will be fully compatible with the Shift’s base via the SteelSeries ID2C, a unique, programmed chip that is found on the backside of each keyset which will be powered by SteelSeries Engine Software.

This software delivers easy, intuitive drag-and-drop macro management and recording capabilities for all keys. Imagine toggling between three layers of F keys including two emote layers, letting you churn out two dozen of the most common pre-programmed MMO emotes. Not only that, on the right side of the Keyset, players are able to shift between three layers of A keys, which have been preconfigured for custom mappings. Imagine taking full advantage of the voice key for instant push-to-talk capability – awesome!

Compatible with all current MMO titles, the MMO Keyset is fully customizable, letting you record a sequence of actions with delays followed by mapping that sequence to any key. All keys can be further remapped in 3 layers, letting you perform a variety of actions on a single key. Since anti-ghosting capability comes with the Shift, you can have up to 7 simultaneous keystrokes. Expect to pick up the SteelSeries Shift MMO Keyset for $24.99 – just make sure you have the SteelSeries Shift keyboard first!

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