My Review of the Spy Video TRAKR

by Mark R

We have mentioned the Spy Video TRAKR before, and I had a chance to try out the Spy Video Car that Wild Planet put out several years ago. The basic concept is the same: put a camera on a remote control vehicle, and allow the user to see the video feed from a distance.

The Spy Video Car had four wheels and a hands-free glasses display that was black-and-white. The Spy Video TRAKR has two treads and the display is on the controller.

The TRAKR also has some other updates. It can actually record video with 8MB of onboard RAM or on an SD card. The camera is also able to see in the dark, and the user can transmit their voice from the controller to the rover like a walkie-talkie. Another bonus is the “Cyber mode”, allowing the TRAKR to “memorize and retrace mission routes”.

Another big bonus is its ability to do apps. There is a USB port on the TRAKR that can link to a computer for downloading. More tech-savvy users can write applications in C programming and upload them to share.

All in all, this is one cool toy that would look good going around the Christmas tree, and can be purchased on the Wild Planet site for $129.95.

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