POV.HD Video System by V.I.O.

Are all High Definition capable recording devices the same? Apparently not, at least according to V.I.O.. V.I.O. has long been regarded as the leader of point-of-view video technology for some time now, and is now more than willing to announce their spanking new POV.HD video camera which is the most flexible, rugged and easy to use point-of-view HD video system to date. This device could very well be the answer to video professionals as well as athletes who want advanced high-definition video with vibrant color and superior camera control which can be trusted even under extreme environments.

For those who are familiar with the POV.HD in its previous iteration, you would have probably noticed that the newer model will follow pretty closely the award-winning form-factor of its predecessor, albeit with all-new internal components and functionality. The POV.HD will sport new in-field flexibility capabilities and is capable of recording up to 5 hours of crisp HD video. With its exceptionally small and robust nature of the POV.HD camera head, you virtually have limitless options when it comes to capturing creative and beautiful video angles.

As for functionality, you can expect the new POV.HD to feature a list that could be said is a result of listening to user feedback. The recording unit itself features a 2-inch LCD display that lets you view footage in the field, edit video and make exposure control adjustments. This simple set of controls enables you to easily “tag” the best footage in the field, making final editing a snap whenever you are back in the studio.

The recorder itself is powered by Texas Instruments’ new Da Vinci DM368 Video Processor, where it supports a real-time video pipeline which enhances image quality and produces crystal clear 1080p H.264 video. Comprising of a 2-oz wearable camera head that captures 142 degree FOV, at 1080p 30fps, it is interesting to note that this is the widest point-of-view camera angle available on the market at the moment – at least, of course, until another successor comes out, we presume.

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