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I have always had a romantic fascination with the heavens, I love sitting outside in the evening watching the stars and dreaming about what may be out there, deep in infinite space. I would like to believe that we are not alone. I like to hope that someday before I’m gone, they will prove that we are not…

But what if they don’t? Whats a girl to do? I have the answer and it lies in the Message To Space Gift Tin. Okay, just stay with me.

The perfect, ah let’s face it, the ONLY way, I know of to send important declarations, salutations or tributes into space is with this kit. Simply follow the registration instructions online or by mail. The message is then forwarded to a space broadcast center in North America where it is translated into a format suitable for transmission and sent to space using a laser telescope. It is possible that your message will be detectable for over 1,000 years, maybe even forever.

So why wait? Declare your love, advertise your earth-bound business, memorialize a departed friend or maybe there’s something you wanted to say to the little green guys? Now is your chance. Intergalactic war? Get off the couch and declare it. A message of peace that could save the world from imminent destruction? Get off Facebook and be our hero. Just don’t tell these suckers where I live.

The Message To Space Gift Tin is available from Amazon for $34.99.

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Gadget Kitty Says: December 19, 2010 at 6:33 pm

I just wish they would offer a device I could use to communicate with my human servants here on Earth. (I’d tell them to change my litter box more often and buy only premium cat food ; )

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