FroliCat DART helps keep your feline friend occupied


While cats require a whole lot less attention compared to dogs, that doesn’t mean you can just leave them at home all day long, coming back from the office without even so much as give them a pat on the head. No sir, they too, need some level of attention and will have to keep themselves occupied mentally and physically too. Well, good thing there is this thing called technology which makes it possible to come up with the £29.99 FroliCat DART. Just what is the FroliCat DART all about? Well, for starters, this device delivers 360° rotation that will project laser patterns on the floor, letting your feline friend chase after it (or at least, attempt to). It will feature variable speed and timer settings, letting you go to work with peace of mind knowing that kitty won’t be bored as all get out that day with the FroliCat DART as its companion.

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T.J.Fawcett Says: April 10, 2011 at 4:48 pm

I have one — it runs far too fast for cats to chase; they’re more apt to be frightened of it then to be interested. The “variable speed” is from frantic to screaming out of control. Nope — doesn’t do it for cats, at least.

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