Flipper Frenzy from Wild Planet Games

by Mark R

I might as well admit it and say that there isn’t that much difference between Flipper Frenzy and the Hyper Dash Extreme game that I reported on the other day.

They are both made by the same company, and the same basic principle is the same. Each game has a unit that can give vocal command in order to grab specific objects.

In the case of Flipper Frenzy, it has four “friendly sea creatures” including a seahorse, octopus, turtle, and fish. The difference is that the unit is a shark with a jaw that opens and shuts with the touch of a trigger button. As you might have guessed, the point of the game is have the shark chomp the proper sea creature when it calls it out by name.

There are also some bonus games, such as Sharky says. You can probably guess what the point of that game is: don’t chomp the creature if it doesn’t say “Sharky says”. Another game is Hide and Seek, where one player hides the sea creatures while another chomps them out. They have to be chomped in a particular order, though.

I recommend this game as a possible gift for younger players. It can be purchased from the Wild Planet website for a price of $24.95.

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