Blue Microphones Mikey 2.0

by Mark R

I first encountered the Mikey at CES 2009, and the first version was a handy microphone made to plug into the charging port end of an iPod.

They have since come out with the Mikey 2.0, which is made for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I happen to have the latter, and I found that Mikey 2.0 works as well as the original.

For those who are not aware, the iPod Touch comes with a voice recorder, but an external mic is required for earlier generations of it. Unfortunately, the Voice recording app is pretty poor and records in mono. Fortunately, Blue Microphones has a free App known as Blue FiRe, which can record audio in CD quality, and is very easy to use.

For some reason, Mikey 2.0 is more curvaceous and less angular than its predecessor, and it can bend in 7 angle adjustments “for any environment”. I’m not sure how many angles the first version could do, but the 3 gain settings have been effectively passed on to version 2.0.

All in all, Mikey 2.0 is a very advanced external microphone, and if you are looking for something to record lectures, concerts, voice memos, interviews, or audio journaling, you should get it. It is available on Amazon for an affordable price of $73.39.

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