TEXTAURANT – “Wait online, not in line.”


I have to be honest, I love living in New York City, everything about it. Okay, almost everything about it. I admit that trying to grab a table at my favorite restaurant on a Saturday night without *gasp* a reservation is a bit nerve racking, you know, the never ending standing around while watching other people eat, the silent deals you make in your head if the people at the tables will just shut up and pay their bill already.

So isn’t it great that coming soon, to a restaurant near you, is Textaurant, a new software that lets you wait anywhere you want to. Instead of walking around with your giant flashing pager within the confines of the restaurant where you wish to dine, you check out the restaurant online, see their wait times and enter yourself into the queue from where ever you are, and then you proceed to wait, however and wherever you would like. When your table is ready, you receive a free alert on your mobile device. It’s that simple. It certainly seem like a win-win for both patrons and the restaurant owners. The developers of the project have also left an avenue for guests to receive special offers or discounts if they would like them.

Sign up for news and added locations. It may not be in your area yet, but if you live in the US I’m sure you’ll have it soon. Anyone feel like Thai?

Source: textaurant.com

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