Wild Planet Toys presents Hyper Dash Extreme

by Mark R

About three years ago, I reported on the Hyper Dash game from Wild Planet, and it has received an “extreme update”.

Hyper Dash is a simple game that is designed for children of all ages. The game unit is battery powered to give the player vocal commands on what thing to smash. Its game unit has special sensors so it knows what it is smashing.

The difference between Hyper Dash and the Extreme version is that the former version had discs to smash, while the Extreme version has these dumbbell shaped ones. As you smash one, it stores it in the game unit. Smash another, and the one that you smashed before shoots out. I suppose this is what makes it extreme.

The game can be played four ways. The first is Hyper Dash Extreme, which is about tagging the correct target as fast as possible. The second is quick dash, which is all about tagging all 5 targets in numerical order. Mathema-Dash is about solving addition, subtraction, and multiplication problems to “beat the clock”. The last is the Freestyle dash, which is about smashing as many targets as possible in any order.

All in all, it makes a great game for the kids, and an excellent gift for the younger ones on your holiday gift-giving list. You should be able to get it on the Wild Planet website for about $19.95.

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