Sanyo readies new generation of eneloops

Anyone who has had experience with childrens’ toys that require batteries to run would be all too familiar with the name eneloop if they’re budget conscious and have a heart for the environment. Why? Sanyo’s eneloop batteries have long been the standard for rechargeables that are ready to rock the moment they’re unboxed, and can be recharged over and over again for umpteen years before you spend more money for a new pack. Well, Sanyo isn’t a company that rests on their laurels, which is why they have come up with a new generation of eneloops which will come in AA and AAA sizes. We shall look at the changes in the extended post, eh?

First of all, these updated eneloops will see changes made within, although the exterior would just be cosmetic improvements. What’s more important, after all, would be the inside, and these rechargeable batteries have been augmented with the ability to charge approximately 500 more times compared to its predecessors. Since they are already charged and ready to use, they can maintain approximately 75% of their charge up to three years, which is another first in the industry. The new eneloop 1500-cycle batteries can be picked up from Costco Stores throughout the US, where the combo-pack will sport the 4-position charger, eight AA batteries and four AAA batteries for $25.99.

The ones that Costco offers will come in two shades of blue and two shades of green, and the whole point behind those colors would be to make them easier to “pair” the batteries in devices and in the charger. Of course, I found a simple workaround for this “problem” in the past by purchasing colored stickers and pairing them up this way.

Boy, did I wish that eneloops were around back in the days when my first generation Game Boy devoured far more batteries than I expected as I earned my gaming stripes on that platform.

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