Robotic Velociraptor – Steven Spielberg gets no royalties

Remember when you first watched Jurassic Park in the theatres, and was mesmerized at how Steven Spielberg held everything together without that much CGI compared to today? Well, the velociraptor certainly brought chills down my spine, which would make me approach this Robotic Velociraptor with a little bit of apprehension. At least I can always kick this around if it ever goes violent on me, since it is a whole lot smaller compared to the real deal. In the velociraptor’s snout lies an infrared sensor which enables it to detect movement or objects. The moment it is locked onto its “prey,” the dinosaur will then charge forward with feral howls and dervish-like spins. Should you choose to close its jaws by hand, it will remain tames but for a while, and if held closed for too long, it will start to whimper angrily. Want to enrage it like the Hulk? Just double-clicking its jaws and you will see tooth-filled jaws make a menace of itself. Powered by a quartet of AA and a trio of AAA batteries, the Robotic Velociraptor would make for a decent Christmas present for $49.95.