QNAP Systems has more budget-friendly Turbo NAS servers

QNAP Systems knows that times are hard, so the company has done its part to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck whenever you are looking for some Network Attached Storage capability (NAS), and this time around they have your bank balance in mind with their latest TS-x19P+ range of Turbo NAS servers which will primarily target home and SOHO users. These new models in the range will take advantage of Marvell’s new 1.6GHz embedded processor while throwing in 512MB of DDR3 memory and Gigabit LAN ports, capable of hitting transfer rates that exceed 100MB/sec while delivering a unique blend of performance and features without breaking the bank.

Among the new models would include the 1-drive TS-119P+, 2-drive TS-219P+ and 4-drive TS-419P+. Depending on the model you choose to bring home, you are able to enjoy up to 8TB of networked storage, where the TS-x19P+ series NAS servers will bring together an attractive industrial design, outstanding performance, consumer-friendly features, and most important of all, legendary QNAP quality and reliability.

Just in case you were wondering whether NAS servers are something essential or not, do bear in mind that they are becoming a popular addition to both home and SOHO networks as they have a dual role – helping you share digital pictures, music, and videos among computers in the home without having to manually transporting them over via a USB drive, and works as an automatic backup for your connected computers as well.

Of course, with 8TB of storage space, a house full of teenagers wouldn’t find it too difficult to fill up in time, so that might be something you want to look into if you’re an avid downloader of files. Having said that, QNAP’s new TS-x19P+ models are a snap to hook up to an existing home network, delivering easy file sharing between PCs, Macs, Linux, and UNIX-based computers. With the integrated UPnP media server (TwonkyMedia) feature of the TS-x19P+ series, it is also full well capable of supporting a wide range of media players including the Sony PS3 and Microsoft Xbox 360 gaming consoles, coupled with High-Definition media players (which are compatible with NFS, of course).

Expect the new TS-x19P+ Series Turbo NAS servers to be available from the beginning of November onwards if you’re interested.

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