Pillow Remote Control for the real lazy

Hmmm, let’s say that creditors have knocked on your doors for the umpteenth time, and they decided to take nearly everything you own so that your debt can be paid off. You of course, did the best bargaining act of your life to make sure your flat screen TV stays with you, never mind the fact that they have already taken away your couch, leaving you with the cold, hard floor to sit on while you get your daily TV fix. What are you to do in such a case? If you happen to have $29.95 lying around in your pockets, then you might want to consider Brookstone’s universal remote control pillow for your home. At least while you’re not using it to flip channels and control the volume with its sewn-in fabric buttons, you can always get some shuteye without leaving your head on the cold, hard floor. Powered by a couple of AAA batteries, this is one interesting conversation starter to have in your home – of course, you would have far more colorful stories to tell if you’re already on the verge of bankruptcy.