Warpia Easy Dock Pro is now available


Ever heard of Warpia? Perhaps, or perhaps not. Regardless, this is definitely one company that is dedicated delivering single-chip wireless USB solutions to the masses, and they are certainly more than happy to announce the availability of the new and improved Easy Dock Pro. New and improved, eh? That basically means there is a predecessor to said peripheral (aptly named the Easy Dock), with the spanking new Easy Dock Pro enabling users to wirelessly connect to a notebook which in turn will be hooked up to your desktop monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers, or to your big-screen TV in HD quality. Want to learn more about the Easy Dock Pro? That’s a snap to find out as all you need to do is head on after the jump.

Unlike its predecessor, the Easy Dock, the Easy Dock Pro can display any online content in stunning HD quality. Playing nice with both Mac and PC platforms, it is also full well capable of supporting other monitors as well as displays of up to 25-inch in size with resolutions of 1920 × 1080 courtesy of a DVI or VGA connection. Bear in mind that the Easy Dock Pro might “mirror” your laptop screen, it will also be able to deliver the “extend mode” that lets you operate a couple of displays simultaneously, making it feel as though your TV was connected to your laptop. For those who love living out the wireless lifestyle, you would definitely appreciate the plug-and-play functionality of the Easy Dock Pro.

According to Marc Levaggi, VP of Marketing for Warpia, “The Easy Dock Pro creates a synergy between laptop work and play. You can simultaneously work on an Excel spreadsheet while streaming Netflix on a larger TV or monitor. It also gives you the freedom to walk away with your laptop, and then reconnect to your desktop environment or TV by simply walking back into the room.” You can pick it up from Amazon.com and on Warpia’s website for $149.99 a pop.

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