Carmen Internet Radio Player – Listen to the Internet in your car

My last car had a satellite radio in it. I loved how many different stations I had to choose from, and I must say, I got addicted to certain ones, and when it was time to trade her in, I was awfully sad to see her go. Not because of the car, I was going to miss the radio.

My new car is so much cooler than that one, but alas, the radio is simply traditional. Amazingly I have found The Carmen Internet Radio Player, a quite simple and affordable way to listen to free Internet radio in your car or boat.

With over 40,000 Internet radio stations to choose from, this device is easily connected via USB to either a PC or Mac allowing you to select and record up to 45 hours worth of internet radio programming. The device is then plugged into your vehicles 12 volt power source and voila! Using the empty FM frequency of your choice, your pre-recorded internet programming is played through your radio.

The device is small, will easily transport in a purse or pocket, has on board software for ease of use and program selections, and the Internet Radio Player has skip, fast forward and rewind capabilities with its remote control.

So keep your car, and get one of these for around $59.95, actually they are currently on a BIG discount at Amazon for $20.30