Altec Lansing makes iPad ownership more enjoyable


Altec Lansing knows that there is an ever expanding market of iPad owners, judging by the device’s popularity worldwide not to mention its sex appeal across a range of people. What better way to leverage a fast-growing user base than to roll out a peripheral which is capable of enhancing its use? That’s exactly what Altec Lansing has done, introducing the Octiv Stage docking speaker system for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Before you dismiss this as yet another marketing ploy to have you part with your hard earned money, why not read on and find out what the Octiv Stage is all about? It was specifically designed to significantly enhance center channel voicing for dialogue alongside stereo audio while playing media from the docked device, delivering a charge at the same time to make sure you don’t end up with a net battery loss once you’re done with your docking session. Of course, do bear in mind that non-Apple devices can still be hooked up to the Octiv Stage via the 3.5mm aux jack, but don’t expect those to be juiced when connected.

The Octiv Stage has been touted to be the first product from Altec Lansing which was specially designed to support the iPad while showcasing its unique capabilities for entertainment. Thanks to convenient design features that have been incorporated, the Octiv Stage delivers an exciting experience for watching and listening to content without making your home look any more drab than it already is.

Thanks to Altec Lansing’s Audio Alignment technology, it is capable of delivering distinctive center channel voicing and enhanced stereo delivery for distortion-free performance even when you have cranked out the volume at maximum levels. A special rotating connection arm also enables the iPad to be viewed in both portrait and landscape positions, where the presence of a tilt screen allows for multiple viewing angles and support while typing on the iPad. Couch potatoes will love the inclusion of a full featured, wireless remote in this $149.95 purchase.

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