Cuisinart Soup Maker – Coming soon to a table in the USA.


I LOVE soup, its like the perfect food. The problem is, I’m guilty of eating a bunch of canned soups, which with all the salt and fat in them it kind of negates just how wonderful soup can really be for you.

I was reading about the Cuisinart Soup Maker which has been available in the UK for a little over a year now, this nifty countertop device is an all in one appliance allowing you to make fresh, hot soup right on your counter, in all of about 20 minutes.

Already a favorite with cooks in the UK, this soup maker has quite a following, with consumer blogs, a Facebook page and a plethora of recipe sharing sites.

The Soup Maker is actually a blender, with an integrated heater that has three different settings allowing you to saute, boil, heat and simmer fresh ingredients right inside the carafe. When your soup is done, the Cuisinart Soup Maker’s powerful 1000W motor blends the hot soup mixture to the desired consistency and keeps it hot for you. The Cuisinart Soup Maker will also make dips and sauce, smoothies and it crushes ice too.

I have reliable word from Cuisinart that it will be available here in the US sometime next year, I’ll let you know when it gets here, no word yet on price. Available from via

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Linda Says: September 14, 2011 at 12:49 pm

This product has been available from hammacher schlemmer for some time.

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