BookBook for iPad

So you own an iPad and use it primarily as an ebook reader. Well, if that is the case, why not make the most of it by purchasing a relevant accessory? We’re talking about the BookBook for iPad, where it will come in Classic Black and Vibrant Red color schemes, retailing for a rather hefty £69.99 a pop, but wait till you hear what 70 quid can deliver. Basically, the BookBook for iPad will offer protection for your iPad in a stylish manner, where it is disguised as a vintage leather bound hardback book. Not only that, when the situation calls for it, it can also double up as a fully adjustable stand, making this one of the classier iPad cases to date instead of those standard rubbery rubbish which we see flood the market these days. Handmade in genuine soft-touch leather with a padded interior and dual zips, it is capable of delivering serious impact/crush protection. Go on now, read your ebooks in style.