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The Segway proved to be a rather interesting personal transportation device for the less abled, and even Steve Wozniak managed to turn it into a sport (Segway polo, anyone?). Well, not everyone can afford one, so for those who are on a tighter budget, what are some of the alternatives available to you? Roll in (pun intended) the Electric Personal Transporter, where this four-wheeled electric personal vehicle is capable of hitting a top speed of 20 mph while running in an effortless, smooth manner across paved paths, driveways, or sidewalks. Of course, if you’re an able bodied person and prefer to use this for quick, easy errands or leisurely rides through the park, we would advise against it and go for a real walk instead as it would be a pity to not maximize the use of your legs while you still can.

A couple fo 700-watt electric motors are located within the hub of each 16″ drive wheel, delivering both forward and reverse motion. Balance and steering are controlled via two trailing 4 1/2″ wheels. The handlebars will help you control your speed, while a hand-brake is there for confident stops. Nice to know you can use this at night as well thanks to the presence of a headlight, while a horn helps you alert other pedestrians of your presence. Available in red, black, or silver shades, the Electric Personal Transporter isn’t that cheap either at $1,895.

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