PDP’s Tron Legacy Video Game Peripherals

by Mark R

I’ve already talked about the Epic Mickey video game peripherals from PDP (Performance Designed Products), and these particular accessories are based on a Disney movie franchise: Tron.

Oh, yes, that Tron Legacy is looking like it will be this holiday’s Avatar. It probably won’t make as much money, but just check out the trailer after the jump, and see how cool it is!

I got to a chance to try out two of these Tron controllers, and they are a better use of the Afterglow technology by the same company than the Afterglow actually was. The way the controllers look in the dark is nothing short of awesome. If you wave them around in the air, you can make some cool light patterns.

They way these controllers are designed, with the light stripes on them, it feels like you are in a Tron movie. Takes me back to 1982. All I can say is that this Tron Legacy had better be as good as the original Tron was. I realize this 28-year-old movie probably looks sick by today’s cinema standards, and I’m not certain you should wait so long until you make a sequel.

PDP has made three of these Tron Legacy controllers for the big three consoles: The PS3, the Xbox 360, and the Wiimote. All three of them are the same price at $49.99 and can be purchased at the PDP website.

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