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I hate talking about dying, I spend more time than I think is right, wondering about my mortality. In fact my husband and I debate over whether we need a nice luxurious vault, or a quick and easy cremation, and up until now, cremation was for me. I just couldn’t think of a single reason to be stuck in the cold, wet ground.

Well, maybe now there might be one, E-Tomb. Seriously. A headstone capable of saving all of your online information from social networking sites, blogs and other website information and dispensing it to your, um, shall we call them guests? Via their smartphone or computer. This solar powered grave marker will connect via bluetooth with a key embedded into the cross on the stone, this connection will allow the headstone to dispense information about your “digital personality” including websites, social networking sites, audio clips, pictures and even videos. Your friends can stop by your stone, and upload their own stuff, adding even more memories to the collage of information this thing can hold.

So, anyone that knows me, knows I have a lot to say, it would be nice to think I could still be saying it long after I am gone. Of course theres some footage from the 80’s I’m going to have to destroy before I go….

Source: Yanko Design

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John Says: November 13, 2010 at 7:15 pm

I’ve got to say this took me by surprise. I have tentatively decided I will donate my body to the TSU Forensic Studies body farm located near San Marcos, Texas so there will not be a grave site, nor will my remains be handed back to the family; the whole point of a body farm is to study the timeline of decomposition etc. I wouldn’t object to such a thing outside the entrance to the farm, I would hate to think my brilliance might be lost to the future.

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