Christmas Cracker Orchestra

For the Chinese, there is nothing quite like setting off a trail of firecrackers during Chinese New Year to usher in what is hoped to be another annual cycle of prosperity, health and wealth. As for those celebrating Christmas, why not add a twist to the traditional firecrackers with the Christmas Cracker Orchestra? This box will hold eight Christmas crackers which will pop open to reveal one of eight plastic whistles that have been specially tuned to individual notes for playing along to a traditional holiday song as an ensemble. This has been a renowned English Christmas tradition since their invention in 1847, as individual crackers make a safe, festive “pop” when pulled apart at either end by two celebrants, only to reveal one of the whistles. Nice to know that each whistle will be accompanied by a numbered card that corresponds to a numbered, sequenced part to be “tooted” along with one of 21 Christmas carols, where among them include favorites such as Jingle Bells, Good King Wenceslas, and Deck The Halls. A box of this will cost you $29.95 – something for the family this Christmas, eh?