In Your Own Voice Storyteller


There is just something about little ones who want to hear the sound of their parents at night just before they head off into dreamland. For those who are parents, how many times have you shared a bedtime story over and over again with your kids during their formative years? We are sure that you might find it repetitive at times (especially when you’re tired), so why not let technology offer a little assistance when you’re feeling rather under the weather? Enter the In Your Own Voice Storyteller which will enhance your child’s reading experience, as it will play back a story in the familiar voice of a caregiver.

You (or others who are close to your little one) can records passages, or perhaps even the whole bedtime story using nothing but a pen-shaped voice recorder that is synchronized to a series of easy-peel stickers which are attached to a book’s pages. Each of the 600 included stickers are encoded with a unique pattern of dots (similar to a bar code), and will be associated with a voice recording stored on the pen’s built-in memory. All your kid needs to do is point the pen at stickers placed throughout a book to hear recordings. Retailing for $79.95, it boasts forty stickers with pre-recorded sound effects, where among them include a laughing baby, meowing cat, ringing phone, ticking clock and fire engine among others.

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