Lego Factory Project (2.0) is the last Lego project you will need to build

This is a Lego factory from Legoland, but after the jump, you can see a video of an amazing Lego factory.

This Lego factory is very similar to the MakerLegoBot, a Lego creation that we reported on a while ago that has the ability to make individual Lego projects.

If you watch the video, you will see that this is the MakerLegoBot on crack. In fact, the Lego Factory Project (version 2.) is a downright Lego warehouse designed for some serious building.

You will see the Lego arms going for a Lego brick, and then putting it in its proper place. You might notice how long the process takes. The video is two minutes long, and that is for one single brick. However, if you want something that will build your Lego structures as you sleep, this Lego Factory is probably the best way.

There are Five Mindstorms computers in this thing, and it took four and a half months of planning to make this creation of 25,000 elements. The Factory has 90 different bricks that can presumably make anything that the user programs into it by downloading plans from LDD.

Yes, this Lego factory can take the building element out of your favorite hobby, unless you like the process of going hands-on with your Lego. This is one of those times where you have to choose what you value the most: product or process.