Cobra iRadar – Cobra Marries the iPhone


I have always used a radar detector, not that I’m a big speeder or anything, it’s more that I am always late, and to be honest, usually in a bit of a hurry. I find that how much of a hurry I can allow myself to be in, weighs quite heavily on the reputation and reliability of the radar detector I have at the time.

Well, let’s just set the alarm clock for a half hour later as Cobra introduces iRadar, the cool new detector that works in tandem with your iPhone giving you 360 degree protection against speed and red light camera violations.

This new technology allows the detector to communicate with your iPhone via a bluetooth connection and app, the system provides you with audio alerts via speaker and visual alerts on your iPhone .

The free app syncs your iPhone with the detector and offers up a compass and real time speedometer, radar and laser detection, speed and red light camera warnings, as well as known speed traps and dangerous intersection alerts. Your iPhone display will show you what kind of alert is being issued and how far away it is. The iRadar will even keep a history of your alerts so you can identify danger zones or false alerts.

The Cobra iRadar is one neat device and for $129.99 its sure to save you some money in the long run.

What time is it? Geez.. I gotta be somewhere!


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