microsD card reader watch


Thinkgeek knows that microSD memory cards are in abundance these days, so it makes perfect sense to have a device that reads these little small-as-fingernails buggers anytime, anywhere. Not everyone carries a memory card reader with them, but most of us wear watches. Why not use your timepiece to read those microSD cards as well? Enter the microsD card reader watch from Thinkgeek, where it retails for a highly affordable $15.99, sporting a built-in microSD card reader while accompanied by a stainless steel bezel, back cover and buckle. Of course, the more reading you do on it, the faster your watch’s battery will deplete, but that’s just the way life is. Each purchase comes with a USB cable to hook it up to a computer for file transfer. At least it can still tell the time when microSD memory cards are no longer in vogue…

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