Kaba Access Control delivers new self-powered electronic access control


Staying secure has always been big – can’t you tell from the past from all those medieval castles that have way too many ramparts and lookout points to make sure it can spot the enemy from far away to make provisions for defence before they arrive? Well, the same idea can be said to have trickled down to ordinary folk like you and I – just take a look at your front door. Do you have a peephole? All right, now how many locks must you get through before you open the door to your home?

Got the idea already? Good, because we are going to introduce a new way of keeping your home secure. Kaba Access Control has offered a new form of self-powered electronic access control known as the E-Plex 2000 Series with PowerStar technology, where it will charge the lock with each turn of the lever, hence doing away with the need to purchase or replace batteries – ever. This neat little number will also work sans any wiring to or through the door, adding to another level of security for the paranoid, and also giving those with evil intentions a surprise whenever they try to find a way through.

To operate the E-Plex 2000 with PowerStar, all you need to do is simply turn the lever to power-up the electronics, followed by entering the correct valid access code. Of course, we do wonder whether sharper thieves out there would patiently wait for you to return home, spy on the access code keyed in and give it a go when you’re not around. Once you have keyed in the right code, all you need to do is turn the lever, and voila! You’re king of your castle again after a particularly long day at the office.

Since there are no batteries at all to contend with, the E-Plex 2000 Series with PowerStar technology will be the “greener” choice compared to all the other electronic options in the market. And with the lack of external wiring, installation is a snap, being a whole lot more reliable. You can enroll up to 100 user codes at any given time, where the lock will also come with other programmable features such as passage, lockout, tamper shutdown, and service codes.

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